01 Jun 2011
fishball four ways

Fishball Four Ways – Creative Use of a Humble Fry

Had some leftover fishballs and decided to be playful with them.

1) Cut them into halves for more surface area (crisper skin).

fishball in the pan

2) Fry them up in the pan (minimal oil, just looking for slight brownness).

cooked fishball on paper towel

3) Dry with paper towel.

4) Divide into batches. In a plastic container or bowl, mix each batch with desired flavoring. I used pre-made pesto sauce, sweet gravy sauce (“Mang Tomas”), and furikake (I got the seaweed andĀ bonito flakesĀ kind).

The pesto flavored ones are interesting, kinda like eating ravioli. The furikake subtle. But I have to say my favorite one is still the sweet gravied fishballs. It just brings me back to the days of yore, when we used to eat fake fishballs (99% flour, 1% fish flavoring) and dunk them into jars of the brown sauce.