orange lemon key lime-ade

Had a serious bout of sniffles lately and been thinking about possible remedies. I remembered we used to have a calamansi bush in our backyard, which I’d pick from time to time and make homemade juice. I didn’t have calamansi (don’t think they exist here) but I did have a bunch of key lime (from making bistek… I’ll share the recipe some other time), lemon, and leftover orange juice. After carefully squeezing out the juice and separating it from the seeds, I mixed in some water, sugar, and a pinch of salt. Shook the mixture inside the container.

It was really good, with a really strong refreshing aftertaste, almost like pineapple juice. Also reminded me of the Oinksterade of Oinkster in Eagle Rock, if you’ve ever been there.

key lime squeezed

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