Easy as a pie (or Mustachioed Bunny Pie)

Mustachioed Bunny Pie

blueberry blackberry peach pie rawI bought too much blueberries and blackberries from the farmer’s market last week and didn’t know what to do. While I usually enjoy eating them fresh, in the spirit of all things literature, I decided to test out the saying “easy as a pie.”

I’ve never made pies from scratch before — okay, I’ve made chicken pot pies, but not fruit pies. I’ve created fruit sauces and jams before, too, so I thought I’d have to cook the berries on a saucepan first. But when I looked at the recipe, it just said to toss them with sugar, cornstarch and salt. So far so good.

The recipe also called for six cups of berries but I could only manage five. I rummaged through my fridge and found some peaches. I tasted them and they were pretty darn sour — no way I’d want to eat them raw anyway. With some sugar and heat, I was sure they’d mellow into soft chunks of sweetness.

I covered the berries with pie dough, fluted the edges (not hard – just quickly watched a youtube video on how to do it), and popped it into the oven.

Forty-five minutes and 450 degrees later, I opened the oven and saw the nice golden brown crust forming. There was some spillage but the recipe already warned of this possibility. So I’d earlier put an extra tray (covered with foil) right below the pie pan. The tray caught all the spillage and all I had to do for cleanup was remove the foil!

I waited two hours to let the pie cool. Then I sliced myself a big portion and it was really delish! Best part of all, yes, the whole thing was easy as a pie.

Side note: I had extra pie dough and didn’t want to throw them away. So I ended up creating a mustachioed bunny and sticking it on the pie like some kind of family crest. Indeed if I were to have my own crest, I’d want to belong to the house Mustachioed Bunny and our official food would be the Mustachioed Bunny pie.

pie ready for the oven

Blueberry Blackberry Peach Pie baked

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